Chaos and Change

A friend of mine wrote the other day: “I’m learning that chaos and change have their own shade of beauty that comfortable never sees.” This quote could not have resonated with me more than in this present season of life.

It seems to me that a little bit of chaos comes naturally with change. It takes time to adjust to new and different, and there always seems to be factors outside of our control when the new arrives. If you’re like me, this is terrifying no matter how wonderful it is. I’m a paper planner kind of girl – I write out my week in advance in cute colors and scripty fonts and darling stickers – I like to have a plan.

A little over a week ago I was offered a job that I only ever expected in my dreams. I have adored the organization I am going to work for over the course of the last several years and the idea of being employed there was always a “maybe one day, but most likely never going to happen” kind of thought for me.

I love it when the Lord has other plans 🙂

It is now clear to me that the Lord gave me this dream, years ago, to prepare my heart for this time of change and chaos. He planted the idea in my brain and let it take root so that I would have total comfort in my world being turned upside down at His command.  Too much of this incredible change has had His hand in it for it to not be of Him, and it has created an intense trust for whatever He will bring next. I’m able to see beyond my fear, for the beauty this change really is.

This little planner-addicted Texan is finding comfort in changing professions and being whisked away to a different state in the eleventh hour because she trusts that her Father is the one orchestrating it all.

God is asking me to have faith and trust Him and I’m giving Him all I’ve got. But, can I ask for a little prayer? Would you stand by me in this beautiful, yet scary time? Would you pray that I continue to remember the Lord’s promises to me and that I would trust Him even when it’s hard?

I’ll be spending the next 3 months in a different state than my husband and, as a newlywed, that will be tough. I’m not entirely sure where I’ll be living (but, again, how can I not trust the Lord with all that He’s done lately?) and I have no idea where anything is. I’m leaving behind my family and friends and jumping head-first into this beautiful change. Would you pray that I not feel lonely when the natural sadness comes? That I would find comfort in the Lord and His Word?

Friend, I am so grateful for you and your prayers. I am thankful for a God who brings us chaos and change to show us the beauty of His glory. I hope that you can see the Lord in your life as clearly as I see Him at present.

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  1. My lil Stormye. I so heard God speaking to me in this blog. It is so very evident to me that Christ is orchestrating all, and I mean ALL of this. Coming off of seeing “The Shack” on Friday it was precious to see in pictures some of the ways he has his hands in our life. Ok this is turning into my blog. you are dearly missed. Bridget and I made a video and I posted it my FB. Wish I had your phone # I’d communicate more often hugs

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