The Pursuit of The Lord

I am happy to report that the Lord is GOOD – and after his own.

After my last post, I noticed that my very favorites over at She Reads Truth were starting a new study on Hosea. It’s silly, but I LOVE the books they make and have gotten into this habit of feeling like I have to have one of their books to do their studies. I finally realized, through some strange revelation, that you can TOTALLY study the word of God without an adorable study book to go with it! 🙂

Anyway, this study of Hosea is so beautiful. It’s only been going on for three days and it has been such a sweet reminder that no matter how far I run or what I run to, God is in a sweet pursuit. I have so many created things that I run to instead of the Lord: my husband, food, crafts, books, television – I have many tiny gods and they do not satisfy.

I am really good at convincing myself that these tiny gods are, in fact, tiny; that it doesn’t matter that I go to these things instead of the Lord. But it does. These things are sin in my life, or at least that is what they become when they take the place of God in my heart and in my life.

I loved what the writer for yesterday’s Hosea study said on this: “when I am pursuing sin, I need the Lord to oppose me. I need the Lord to intervene.”

I really do. I need Him to intervene because I am stuck in the snare of these things that I think are comfort. Running to food to make me feel good for a moment but ultimately leads to being stuck in shame over overeating. Running to my husband leads to feeling loved but sometimes dissatisfied that when he doesn’t say exactly what I want to hear all of the time. The list could go on and on.

These things are not my God. And I do not belong to them. I belong to a Creator who cares for me so deeply that he rescues me from my sin and pursues me when I run from him – not to shame me, but to speak tenderly to me and to call me back to him.

I am so thankful for your prayers and encouragement. It has only been three days but the Lord has spoken, and he has done it sweetly. He didn’t shame me and say it was about time I showed up, but reminded me that he’s been here all along and that he’s happy to see me.

God is awesome.

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