It was my high school bible study home group host that first modeled hospitality in a way that stuck out to me. We would go over to her house every Wednesday for home group and there would be dinner and baked treats (and most of the time candy) awaiting us upon arrival. It wasn’t until I was leading a high school bible study of my own that I realized how rare it was to be provided for so lavishly each week.

I knew then that I wanted to be just like her.

Last year, I had to complete a “vision” for my life while working my summer job. It had to be something that you could see clearly and a hope you had for your future. Mine was extremely clear – I wanted to be in my home with my husband and a house full of people that we had loved and cared for continuously over the years. I wanted children running around or playing together while we grilled out and shared the warmth of our little home.

I am blessed to have married a man who shares this vision. It is a passion of ours to be hospitable – to have people in our home, cooking meals for them and enjoying rich conversation. We want to bless others with the blessings we have received from the Lord. We also happen to go to a church that encourages hospitality, both locally and corporately, and even heard a sermon on the topic out of 1 Peter 4 last week.

Last night, we had a housewarming party. It was my first chance to host a large group of people in our home and MAN was I nervous. After a trip to the grocery store, and a little bit of prep, our house was ready for guests! We cleaned (and by we, I mean my amazing husband cleaned while I went to the store) and organized and readied our home and then the guests poured in. It was so refreshing having people in our home to love on and care for. The night was full of conversation and laughs and well worth the time spent preparing for it.

Perhaps my favorite part of the evening was the visit from our downstairs neighbors. Last week we introduced ourselves to each of our neighbors in the 3 surrounding apartments. We took cookies and an invitation to come to our little gathering the following weekend. The only ones to take us up on our offer were an older couple that live downstairs. They have been kind to us ever since we moved in and getting to host them in our home and enjoy some conversation with them was such a blessing.

If you know me and have talked to me in the last few weeks, I’ve probably extended an invitation for you to join us for dinner and let me cook you a meal. And I MEAN it! It would bring me no greater joy than to care for you, have you in my home, and listen to you tell me all about the latest happenings in your life.


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