He Is Enough

Well, its been 5 months since I last wrote and I think I’m ready to make a habit of this. Its not really that life has slowed down at all (you could count being on winter break as a bit of a “slow down”), but I think I finally have things to write about and want to get into the rhythm of working that writing muscle.

I was texting with a friend of mine today who just got engaged – still so excited for her!! – and it occurred to me that she and I had been in the same boat for a long time; hopeful for a future that we both deeply wanted and believed that God wouldn’t hold back from us, yet fearful that that future would never become a reality.

I think the thing that struck me the most is that we owe God SO MUCH CREDIT for being not just as good as He’s always promised to be, but better. When we come out on the other end of fear – into his goodness – that should be recognized and shared.

However, don’t misunderstand me here. God is good no matter the outcome. No matter our situation in life. I hope you’ve heard me say that in the course of my time writing this blog. He is to be glorified in the struggle and in the victory.

…but isn’t it fun to give Him glory in the celebration of things hoped for?
Isn’t it fun to say “I knew it!” and tell the world what a great dad you have?!

I think the thing I’d really like to work on is getting past the fear. I feel like fear might stem from an idea that we might be missing out on something – our culture’s great problem with “FOMO” (Fear Of Missing Out) – and that God won’t be enough – like He’s holding things back from us.

I was reading through my Advent study (thank you, She Reads Truth – you’ve done it again!) and one of the days said that Jesus is the true and better Manna.

A. Men.

We lack nothing in Christ Jesus – nothing! We should fear nothing. God will provide for our needs. I’m writing this now because he has been gracious to place me in that beautiful, glorious upswing where I can see his goodness clearly and pinpoint all of the exact prayers he is answering in my life. I’m writing this now because one day, when fear tries to sneak its way back into my heart and tell me that I am not enough – that God is not enough – I can point back to THIS TIME and say, “You see that, enemy?! God IS good. And he is working, even in THIS.”

Friends, I don’t know if you’re basking in his goodness in your current situation or grasping for straws and feeling like you’re out of his reach but let me encourage you in this:


Always, and forever.

Let us never cease to celebrate Him.

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