Courage and Celebration


I am BLOWN AWAY by the Lord’s goodness!

I did something scary this week. I took the big leap and opened an Etsy shop. An Etsy shop!! I swallowed all of those nerves and hushed that inner voice that told me I wasn’t good enough to do it and jumped off that big, scary cliff and just DID IT!!!

And you know what? God has blessed it.

He could have totally not blessed it – and that would have been fine – but he DID. I’ve already had my first sale, I’ve gotten 4 requests in one day AND to top it all off, when I went to go get supplies to ship off my order he did something only he could do.

I dragged my poor husband all over Denton tonight looking for just the right size box for my first sale (it’s kind of a weird size). Anyway, after finding our perfect box I begged him to take me to World Market. You see, they have this paper – maybe you’ve seen it in Easter baskets? It’s the crinkly kind that’s all shredded and colorful and I just knew it would be the perfect “HELLO!” to really make my deliveries pop. But, our World Market in little ol’ Denton is weird. It’s inside a Bed Bath and Beyond and really is more like an exotic foods grocery store than the World Market I know and love. So, I’m looking around this meager little section of BBB and not seeing my perfect, crinkly Easter basket paper. As the words, “Well, I guess they don’t have what I’m looking for” are coming out of my mouth and going into my husband’s ears, I see it. On the clearance rack. The colorful, crinkly stuffer paper of my dreams. It was 99 CENTS A BAG. I yelled at my husband to get me a basket – not the little one, but a cart – and filled that sucker up. I must have put 40 bags in there. I gleefully made my way to the checkout counter where the manager laughed his head off and asked me if I was a “basket maker” and told me that he was glad I was buying so much so that he could restock. They had A TON of this stuff. To top it all off, I had a gift card. That stuff was FREE.

I know it’s silly but, y’all, that whole thing was so the Lord. SO the Lord. I’ve done this big scary thing this week and my Dad has cheered me on every step of the way. I have wanted to do this for FOREVER and haven’t had the courage but when I did, he was there.

We heard this beautiful speaker at our convocation, Liz Murray, who spoke about her experience of being homeless and then making it into Harvard. Her message was a pretty simple one – just do that thing you’re dreaming of. Stop dreaming about it and make it happen – DON’T LET YOUR DREAMS BE DREAMS! (Okay, maybe that last part was Shia Labeouf)

One of my dreams has become a reality this week and I am so grateful. I just had to give a shoutout to the Lord.



p.s. I do have photographic proof that I tried to buy the store out of its stock of glorious crinkly Easter basket filler paper but for some reason it won’t upload.

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  1. I seem to stumble on these. Thanks for the real life example of taking a risk and Gods blessing. Maybe…before now…just wasn’t Gods timing

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